Aneeahseah Adalayah had the remarkable good fortune to be born a sixth generation Australian, a third generation Mystic and to move to America the Beautiful with her parents and siblings at the young age of five.  Her beautiful tho’ unusual name means “One who walks with God”.  After an eventful upbringing, she suffered a tragic “near death” experience at the age of 17.  In this remarkable awakening experience Aneeahseah experienced “other-worldly” cognition of a place and space beyond this world filled with Loving Deity, Guides, and Angels in a place she came to initially understand as High-Heaven & beyond.

Aneeashseah-008Eventually this understanding broadened to include the awareness of her own One-ness with Divine Creator and she began the 45-year path of sourcing her teachings from that place.  She returned with awe inspiring “spiritual gifts” including abilities to hear & see beyond this reality, to cognize cosmic conscious truths, to read the “akashic records” as well as to be a channel for the Christ/Buddha Consciousness.  With remarkable intuitive and healing abilities and extremely precise medical empath abilities she gained remarkable renown.

Five years after this blessed awakening Aneeahseah had another of what was to be a life-long process of profound Awakenings that continue to this day.  She clearly understood her path was to “process, define, and deliver” all the information she was blessedly granted when she ‘passed’ from this life into the next.

She went on to create & develop a prominent and hugely successful Alternative Healing center on the East Coast and was a Board of Directors Founder for Columcille, the remarkable Celtic Spiritual center and Megalith Park in Pennsylvania.  Completing her time there and knowing she was to drastically expand her vital reach of love, wisdom, healing, and awakening to the many, she left the rich and powerful material life behind, moving on to discover the “more than material” riches that came so easily to her.

After traveling to many of the world’s greatest temples and lands she made her home in the Pacific Northwest.   Completing her residency in a type of modern-day-monastic/ashram lifestyle for over two decades she now continues studying with the world’s greatest Quantum Physicists, Spiritualists, and Mystics including directly with Divine Creator at home in the Invincible Heart Center in Oregon.   She is happily developing and delivering all the very best practices that provide her students Peace, Love, Awakening, Happiness & Freedom across the spectrum in this remarkable World Where Ancient Wisdom joins Quantum Creation.

Aneeahseah soon became disenchanted with the practice of “readings” for clients, as she saw and knew that each of us contained the same abilities, same Spirit, and same Divine Creator as Source.  Hence her path has continued to provide all the training necessary for the practitioner to develop each their own renown.

Aneeahseah believes ALL people who so desire it deserve to know:

  • What she gained through the death experience wisdom.
  • Attainment of remarkable human, business, and healing successes.
  • All she gained from the millions of hours and dollars spent in the pursuit of this experience, wisdom and expertise.

She now offers a rich and rarefied system of trainings via Private Sessions, Workshops, Teleconferences/Skypeconferences, Morning Practices, Seminars and Retreats across the country.  These act as portals bridging the human experience to it’s Divine Creator, assisting students to live authentically and successfully in both worlds.  This remarkable work, the Invincibility Series, beloved by all who have had the privilege of practicing and experiencing its benefits, is easy, joyous, systematic, mystical and proven!

Self-Realization that’s Simple, Fun AND for EVERYONE.